Xiaomi WalkingPad Home Treadmill

Movement is good for your health, but what if outdoor exercise is out of the question? Instead of giving up training, equip yourself with ...appropriate equipment and accessories and do sports at home. A home treadmill is something for running enthusiasts who do not always have the time and opportunity to train in the field. It is also an alternative to jogging on rainy or windy days. Thanks to it, you will provide your body with a large dose of exercise, without leaving your home. You can also run while watching your favorite series or even at work.

Home treadmill - a convenient way to stay in shape
While running outdoors in summer and spring is a real pleasure, on cool, autumn and winter days, many people find it a bit more difficult to motivate themselves to train. It is easy to catch a cold at this time. On wet or icy roads, the risk of falling also increases, which can result in a serious injury. This does not mean, however, that unfavorable weather must stand in the way of our good shape. The solution is electric treadmills that allow you to run at home. It is a proposal for both beginners and advanced jogging enthusiasts and for busy people who find it difficult to find time to go to the gym or run training outdoors. A household electric treadmill requires just a little space and a comfortable outfit. You can combine running on it with other activities, such as reading, calling or online training.

Electric treadmill - jogging at home
Jogging is a popular sport among people of all ages. Regular running workouts bring results in the form of greater efficiency of the body and many calories burned. Thanks to them, you will ensure not only good condition, but also excellent well-being and an attractive figure. An electric treadmill allows you to run at home, but not only. It is also the perfect equipment for lovers of long walks. A quick walk, a light jog, or maybe a sprint? Adjust the pace to your needs and enjoy your activity, regardless of the weather. If you have a problem with motivation for training, the home treadmill is made for you. Combine running with watching a series or an interesting program, and the time spent on activity will pass extremely quickly. Keeping in shape will become easy and convenient.

Xiaomi WalkingPad treadmill - buy online
The choice of treadmills on the market is extremely rich. However, in order to enjoy functional and efficient equipment for a long time, it is worth betting on a high-quality model from a trusted manufacturer. Our online store offers home treadmills from the well-known Xiaomi brand, which has gained popularity mainly as the creator of innovative smartphones. Currently, Xiaomi's offer includes not only phones, but also TVs, tablets, headphones and much more. The Xiaomi treadmill will allow you to conduct an effective training at home. It is a product of the highest quality that is popular among jogging fans in many countries around the world. The advantages of the equipment include modern design, solid construction and the possibility of folding. A home treadmill from a reputable manufacturer does not take up much space, and its operation is extremely simple. Thanks to the quiet operation mode, training will be pleasant, and the legible LED indicator allows you to track its progress.

Domestic electric treadmill in WalkingPad offer
Many people give up buying a treadmill for fear of running out of free space at home, but in the case of Xiaomi equipment, you do not have to worry about it. The electric folding treadmill of this brand will work even in a small space. When not in use, it can be folded up, so it won't take up more space than a travel suitcase. You can keep it under your bed or in a wardrobe, vertically or horizontally. Thanks to the practical roll placed on the base, you can easily transfer it to the chosen place, perfect for training. It will take you only a few moments to unfold it. Folding treadmills available in our offer are not everything. We also recommend extremely thin models to our clients, which will easily fit under the sofa, and their design will perfectly match the decor of a modern interior. The height of the ultrathin treadmills is only 13.9 cm! The WalkingPad's assortment also includes sound-damping mats, which also protect the floor against scratching.

Home treadmill - durable construction
When choosing a treadmill for yourself, it is worth taking into account the quality of its workmanship. WalkingPad offers home treadmills with a solid, damage-resistant one-piece skeleton structure made of durable aluminum. As a result, they are not only durable, but also stable and provide high comfort during training. Solid construction is not everything. Xiaomi treadmills also have a flexible, yet strong running belt with an EEVA cushioning layer, providing your joints with adequate protection. In our offer you will find equipment that can bear a load of 110-120 kg. The construction of the running surface is multi-layered, and in addition to the shock-absorbing layer, the home treadmills are also equipped with an anti-slip layer, which increases safety during training. The use of high-quality materials and a strong structure make our treadmills extremely durable and comfortable to use.

Xiaomi home treadmill - intuitive operation
Adjust the level of training advancement to your abilities. The Xiaomi WalkingPad home treadmill will provide you with three operating modes: sleep, manual, in which you can control the speed, automatic - the speed during training is automatically adjusted to the user's capabilities of the treadmill. You can check the course of training on a clear LCD panel, which shows alternately speed, time, distance and steps. To make controlling the equipment even easier, along with the treadmill, you will receive an ergonomic remote control that you can hold in your hand while running to conveniently manage the speed and adjust it to your needs. The Xiaomi treadmill works with the KS Fit app, which allows you to configure it, as well as view your training history and track your progress. You can also activate child locks via the app.

Folding treadmill - exercise the way you like
Use the treadmill available in our offer for running or walking training. Stay in shape the way you like, adjusting the pace to suit your needs. The training treadmills available in our offer allow you to walk at a speed of up to 6 km / h. However, if you place their handle vertically, you can run at a speed of 10-12 km / h, depending on the model you choose. Train efficiently and comfortably. Thanks to the brushless noise suppression motor, the electric treadmill works almost silently. The engine power is 1.25 hp, which allows you to develop higher speed, suitable not only for beginners, but also for advanced runners. Along with the treadmill, you will receive a manual in Polish, which will help you quickly learn the proper operation of the equipment and adapt its operation to your needs.

Folding electric treadmill - do not hesitate to buy it!
If you live near Poznań, visit nearby Baranowo to see if our treadmills are right for you. You will have the opportunity to test the equipment and its functionality before purchasing. For those who cannot visit us due to the distance, we provide free and instant delivery to any place in Poland. Each home treadmill from our offer is covered by a 24-month warranty. You can also count on a reliable post-warranty service. Are you concerned that the purchase of a treadmill will be too heavy on your budget? Opt for 0% installments! Define the financing time and the number of installments and train at home immediately! The Xiaomi treadmill will help you achieve your training goals and help you stay fit. When you buy from us, you will receive the European version of the product within 1-3 days. If you have questions or doubts after purchasing the equipment, please use our technical support by phone or e-mail. Do not hesitate and place an order in our store today!